The New Boat

A very generous donation from an Australian friend in the USA has made it possible to fulfill another of Kizungu’s dreams of helping the people of Idjwi island. VMC (Volunteers in Mission for Children Care, the umbrella NGO for projects on Idjwi and the Tchukudu Kids and Women in Goma) will soon have its own boat! The boat will be used for transporting goods (at present a major cost), carrying people safely (every year many people drown in the lake because of overcrowded boats), serving as a kind of water ambulance for the sick (from Idjwi to hospitals in Goma), and taking food grown on our agricultural farm and eggs from out poultry farm on Idjwi to the Tchukudu Kids and Women in Goma and to the foster families who look after 200 orphaned children nearby. The boat will be built by a local boat maker, captained by a local, and will serve the locals. It will bring significant advantages to communities both on Idjwi and in Goma. Koko bwenene to Pat for making this possible!

Style of the boat being made for the community
Materials for the boat arriving.
Kizungu agreeing the building of the boat with Boat Builder Claude.