Poultry Project

The Poultry Project – Poultry for Protein

This current project, one of several undertaken by Kizungu to improve the lives of the Idjwi community, specifically addresses the severe issue of protein deficiency and malnutrition suffered by so many of the population.


1. To establish a poultry farm on Idjwi

2. To address the severe health problem of protein deficiency by providing free eggs to sick children, pregnant woman and others suffering from protein deficiency

3. To teach local families how to raise chickens themselves, so they can have their own source of protein

4. To generate an income from the sale of eggs and chickens to Guesthouses and Lodges on Idjwi, in Goma and in nearby Rwanda

5. To use poultry manure as fertilizer for the agricultural project

6. To sell excess manure for further income

The Project

The poultry house has been completed in full compliance with the specific requirements set by the government veterinarian, and a protective reed fence has been constructed to enclose the poultry area. Two guinea fowl were added in order to protect the chickens from predators, and have aroused considerable interest among the local people who had never seen a guinea fowl before! There are now more than 100 chickens, as well as 6 guinea fowl. Eggs are distributed free to those most in need – pregnant women, malnourished children and adults, the orphans in the Tchukudu Kids’ Home in Goma, and the Tchukudu Women.

A second ‘house’ has been built in mudbrick especially for the care of the guinea fowl chicks who need a warm temperature.

Plans for the future include buying an electric mill to grind the maize which we grow on Idjwi for poultry fodder, extending the area for the poultry and increasing the number of chickens, training the most needy families to raise chickens themselves, offering an apprenticeship to some of the older orphans in the Tchukudu Kids’ Home in Goma in the raising and care of poultry, and beginning a programme of selling eggs to local lodges, and to hotels and markets in Goma in order to generate an income.

Many people have already benefited from this project, both on Idjwi and in Goma. We hope to reach more people in the coming year and to continue to improve the health and well-being of the people of Idjwi.

Local Children
Kizungu and the Guinea Fowl

Expected results of this project

1. Reduction of the serious problem of protein deficiency, especially among children and pregnant women.

2. A healthier diet for the community on Idjwi, the majority of whom suffer from malnutrition.

3. Assistance to the existing agricultural project through use of chicken manure as fertilizer.

4. Contribution to the sustainability of the Idjwi community


Little Beatrice is one of the minority, marginalized and disadvantaged Pygmy/Batwa population on Idjwi. Her mother came to the Poultry farm to ask for eggs, since Beatrice was suffering from severe malnutrition and malaria; “My child, Beatrice was at death’s door, but since she began to eat eggs from the Chickens of Muzungu, and to use eggs as medicine, my child is increasing weight and is healed. We are very grateful to all who are buying chickens to lay eggs to help the pygmy community”.

Beatrice: An example of how the eggs are helping the local community.

Some years ago Kakuze was a victim of gang rape by 6 armed men in North Kivu. She lost her hand during the attack. Now she suffers from diabetes, anemia and protein deficiency; “Thank you to all our Sponsors who support the Poultry Farm on Idjwi. Since I receive eggs from Idjwi, I am recovering my health step by step. The eggs prevent my health from progressing to severe disease and death”.

Kakuze: An example of the egg source helping communities on the mainland.

Fund Raising

Fund Raising managed by Helen Pope in association with the Fondazione Cariello Corbino.

http://fondazionecariellocorbino.org/en/home/ . Fondazione Cariello Corbino is a registered Italian foundation – C.F. 90093170638